Super Bock Super Rock 2016


There has been a while since I wrote on this blog, but I promise to start creating more content for this. I have some ideas.

Last month I got the opportunity to go be a photographer at Super Bock Super Rock festival again. Last time I went to this festival was two years ago. I was also photographing, but for another website, and back then it was on a completely different location. This was a festival famous for the huge amount of dirt, that made even eating there complicated, and now is in the big city.

It felt like a completely new festival, and even though I don't miss the dirt, I sort of liked the other location better. The main stage is now in MEO Arena, and this is a problem because this arena is known for not having perfect acoustics and, the thing I find to be the bigger problem here, because it is a closed venue, they cannot sell more tickets than they can get people inside it. So this big festival now can only have as many people as a regular sold out show there. And, with 4 stages spread around, it always felt a little empty.

Apart from all that, the shows were great as usual and I had so much fun. I got a little sad because Iggy Pop only let the more important newspapers and magazines shoot his show, and this time I was with a smaller website, Wav. magazine, so I didn't get to be on that photo pit and it was the one I was more excited about. Still, I got some nice shots of the other bands, and below you can find my favorites for all of the 3 days of the event, and a link for the complete galleries at Wav. magazine.


Day 1 - July 14th [Full gallery]

Nice start to the festival. Note for other photographers: The base on Jamie XX was so strong that I had to leave the photo pit because it was making my septum vibrate and making it hard to breathe. After that I talked to other photographers and they said they felt the same.

Day 2 - July 15th [Full gallery]

Black and white photos were really working out this day. That shot from Bloc Party got me so, so happy and proud. I really love it.

Day 3 - July 16th [Full gallery]

Fidlar was so much fun and my kind of jam. The other bands were sort of the opposite of my jam, but the crowds were on point. Good job having fun, people!